Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tomb of Ten Thousdand Dead

I am always looking for alternative ways for my students to connect with literature, so I often look into audio books. While some have been good, it wasn’t until I had a chance to listen to Tomb of Ten Thousand Dead that I heard some really great stories that my students (especially boys) could connect with. Just one of a series of CDs by Golden Age Stories, Tomb of Ten Thousand Dead is like a 1930′s Indiana Jones. When Captain Gordon, a respected pilot, is hired to bring some archaeologists to a desert dig site, he has no idea how much trouble he is about to get into. The researchers intend to look for an ancient treasure site, one that has been hidden in the desert since the age of Alexander the Great. Gordon quickly discovers that the treasure will only cause trouble, and finds himself in a fight for his life in a tomb of 10,000 dead soldiers. With great sound effects, diverse voices (as opposed to one person trying to do different voices), and a thrilling plot, I loved the story (as well as Price of a Hat and Starch and Stripes, the two others that came in the CD set). The stories are each less than an hour, so they are a good length for some of my struggling students who have a hard time retaining information. Additionally, because these are all recorded versions of L. Ron Hubbard’s classic adventure stories, the entire Golden Age Stories collection is action-packed. Golden Age Stories (www.goldenagstories) has recorded dozens of audio stories that can be used on road trips, your daily commute, or in my case my classroom.

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